We are not your typical
Exercise Physiologists...

Here's Why:

We had a choice…

We could build upon what other gyms, personal trainers and exercise physiologists are doing, or we could innovate, adapt and create a new model of care, health and fitness for our patients and clients…

We were not happy with the status quo, and the conventional thought process of the health and fitness industry…

Our patients and clients needed a welcoming environment… an environment backed by sciences of physiology, biology and behavior so we could help enrich and enhance the lives of our patients and clients.

So, we took a step back and asked ourselves… What do we need to do? What do we need to know? What do we need to change in order to get consistent and better results for our patients and clients?

So, we created the “Adaptive Allied Health”.

lady doing ankle rehab exercises

"Our goal is to ensure you experience results, develop a higher quality of life and have fun in the process. This is all achieved by our philosophy to move better, become stronger and value recovery"

The best environment available in order to enhance the treatment of
our patient and clients...

POOR Exercise Physiology treatment:

GOOD Exercise Physiology treatment at Adaptive Allied Health:​

"To continue to grow... To continue to learn... To continue to understand the truths and principles and develop better strategies to take care of YOU!!!"


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